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WHAT is that delicious smell?! Oh… It’s the new Glade Expressions!! September 13, 2012

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This may be my favorite Bzz Campaign so far! I was given the opportunity to try Glade Expressions products from BzzAgent so I could give my personal opinions on them! I chose the Lavender and Juniper Oil Diffuser and the Cotton & Italian Mandarin Spray. Check out their website here for other scent choices!


The oil diffuser box stated that it would last for 30 days which I was pretty skeptical about but I set it up and within just a few minutes I could smell it all the way across the room! It will definitely last for at least 30 days! They also have refills that fit into my budget which is a plus when deciding if I should buy a starter kit.

Here are my 2 new Glade Expressions products looking so pretty in my bathroom!



I have 2 extra coupons for an oil diffuser and 2 extra coupons for the sprays, first 2 people to message me with what scent you would like to try will get one of each!


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